Join us in 2015: 5th Jan Action for Rail leafleting at Huddersfield station

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On Monday 5th January, Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change will be joining local trade unionists in protesting against fare rises and calling for public ownership of the railways.

We will be leafleting at Huddersfield train station from 5.00 to 6.30 p.m.

(Feel free to turn up. However, if you would like to be kept informed of any changes or cancellations,  please email us your mobile phone number by Saturday 3rd January.)

On Friday 2nd January, train fares are due to increase again, again above the rate of inflation. We already have some of the most expensive fares in Europe. We also have the most fragmented service, and it is the case that the government is now subsiding railways (and the franchises) MORE than when British Rail was de-nationalised.

Between 1997 -2012 Virgin Trains’ West Coast Mainline paid £500 million in dividends after pocketing £2.5 billion in subsidies. By contrast, the publicly owned East Coast Mainline has returned nearly £1bn to the government since 2009.The arguments for public ownership are overwhelming.

The environmental case for switching to rail and other public transport is also overwhelming.

Hence, with the support of Action for Rail, the People’ s Assembly are teaming up with Bring Back British Rail, Compass, the Green Party, the Campaign against Climate Change, We Own It  and a variety of local groups to organise leafleting of commuters at railways stations on Monday 5th January.

Later that week the Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, will be presenting her Private Member’s Bill calling for public ownership of railways.

For more information about the national protests, see  and

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