TTIP: Raising awareness with Huddersfield TUC


We were delighted to be invited by Huddersfield TUC to speak about TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Huddersfield TUC were a great audience and we learned from them as well as hopefully sharing some of what we had found out about the secret trade deal.

The presentation began with a multiple choice questionnaire about TTIP – the answers to which could all be found in the latest edition of the ‘NO TTIP Times’ which we also distributed. You can download it here:   We then spoke about the ways in which TTIP could:

  • Grant corporations the power to sue governments;
  • Lock-in the privatisation of public services like the NHS and education;
  • Undermine workers’ rights;
  • Undo regulations that protect the environment, giving harmful industries like fracking an easier ride;
  • Remove food safety regulation to allow new GM crops, hormone pumped beef and chlorine washed chicken

Most of our presentation was heavily indebted to the World Development Movement’s TTIP briefing.   We would like to thank the World Development Materials for their research, advice and materials for this event.

Our understanding from consultation with national organisations is that campaigning on TTIP will be a long-term project: negotiations could continue until 2017. Now is the time for civil society groups – including trade unions – and individuals to raise awareness and build the movement against TTIP.

To read about our previous campaigning – with other 38 Degrees activists – on TTIP please see

To read about why TTIP will be a disaster for the climate see

Why not take action?

A) Contact your MP, MEP and prospective parliamentary candidates to raise concerns about TTIP. Ask them to oppose the deal. (or Google ’38 Degrees TTIP’)

B) Support the European Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP.

C) Read more about TTIP.

D) Spread the word about the dangers of TTIP. Participate in future ‘days of action’ (e.g. next April).





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