Huddersfield says “No!” to TTIP!

Stop TTIP 11th Oct

We joined a variety of campaigners in Huddersfield to distribute ‘Stop TTIP’ fliers produced by 38 Degrees on Saturday.  There was a lot of interest from the public  at Nelson Mandela Corner.

Across the country the day of action received a fair amount of media coverage, including on Radio 4’s Today programme. You can read more on

Interest is certainly picking up. We’ve been invited by Huddersfield TUC to speak to them on this matter at their next meeting.


You can read more about the reasons why TTIP will make acting on climate change – and in particular keeping fossil fuels in the ground – much harder on

For more information on how our ‘Stop TTIP’ campaigning links with the rest of our ‘Keep Them in the Ground’ campaign please see




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