HSBC – the fracker’s local bank


Saturday 11th October was the Global Frackdown Day.

We paid a visit to the Huddersfield branch of HSBC to draw attention to HSBC’s role in financing fracking in the UK, Algeria and the US.

KCCC_HSBC Fracking_20141011-6

We displayed Frack Off London’s wonderful ‘subvertised’ image of the HSBC logo and strapline and distributed Friends of the Earth ‘The Fracking Word is a dirty word’ fliers – customised with additional information about HSBC’s role. We even offered one to the member of staff who came out to look at us but she wouldn’t accept it and dashed back inside!

KCCC_HSBC Fracking_20141011-1

We wanted to highlight the fact that fracking wouldn’t be possible without the money and support of the banks. HSBC – the fracker’s local bank – not only provides banking services for Cuadrilla, but funds fracking around the worldIn Algeria, they are helping bring this water intensive process to the Sahara.  In the US, they are underwriting the BG Group which is responsible for fracking in large parts of the country.

On Saturday, people across the country – including those involved with Reclaim the Power and London Frack Off – targeted HSBC, ‘The fracker’s local bank’.


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