Kirklees climate activists join Stand UP to UKIP protest in Doncaster

On Saturday 27th September around one thousand people gathered in Doncaster to demonstrate against UKIP, then holding their party conference in the town. This protest was organised by Stand UP to UKIP


We were keen to oppose UKIP’s divisive right wing populism. We were keen to raise awareness of an important element of this: its denial of climate change.

Nigel Farage has said. “We may have made one of the biggest and most stupid collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming.”

UKIP want to

  • Scrap the Climate Act
  • End any subsidies for renewables
  • Expand fracking and nuclear power.
  • Re-open coal mines.
  • Pull out of the EU Large Combustion Plan Directive, limiting emissions of sulphur, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants from power stations.


Not only would these policies exacerbate climate change but they would also have disastrous short term effects. We would lose jobs in the green economy, increase deaths from air pollution (already 1,600 people are dying  each year in the UK as a result of pollution from coal fired power stations), increase fuel bills (certainly by the 2020s) and expose us to the air and water pollution associated with fracking.

We believe that UKIP’s climate and energy policy is just as much an attack on the people of this country as its policies on Europe, immigration and tax.



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