Join us next Friday: Sheffield Professor to talk about climate change and strange weather in the UK

Edward Hanna

Frequently when people experience flooding, warm winters or the late arrival of spring someone will blame climate change. But is that correct? A professor of climate change at Sheffield University, Edward Hanna will be delivering a talk on exactly that topic in Holmfirth next Friday. The free talk, entitled “Climate Change and Polar Meltdown: Causes and Consequences of our Recent Strange Weather?” will take place at Holmfirth Methodist Community Room on School Street at 7.00 pm in Friday 11th July.

Edward Hanna says, “This talk will explore current evidence for climate change and global warming, and associated loss of ice in polar regions. It will highlight a possible link that has been found between the recent dramatic Arctic sea-ice losses and polar jet stream variability, that may have resulted in more extreme weather patterns over and beyond the UK.”

The event has been organised by Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change. Tim Padmore from the group says, “We’re really pleased that Edward Hanna will be speaking in Holmfirth. In the wake of the winter floods in the West Country, Thames Valley and Severn Valley following the most exceptional rainfall in 248 years we think there will be a lot of interest in this talk.”

After the forty five minute talk there will be refreshments followed by a question and answer session with Professor Hanna.

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