Join us on 26th May “For the love of the Yorkshire Peat Moors…” Let’s do something about climate change

Thank you to Amin for designing this logo

Thank you to Amin for designing this logo

Kirklees CCC – and friends – will be doing a ‘For the Love of the Yorkshire Peat Moors’ stunt and picnic at or near Holme Moss on Bank Holiday Monday, 26th May.

The event is in support of the Climate Coalition’s new ‘For the Love of’ campaign (see also below) and as part of our Tipping Points campaign.

You can meet us there from 12.35pm and we will be there until 1.20pm. Feel free to travel independently or to join us on this seasonal bus service

This is the service we’ll be getting (note the organisers will be joining it at Honley):

Huddersfield 1200 Honley1 210 Holmfirth 1220 Holme Moss 1232

And this will be the return service:

Holme Moss 1323 Holmfirth 1335 Honley 1345 Huddersfield 1355

Why the Yorkshire Peat Moors?

Why the Yorkshire Peat Moors?


To find out more, why not watch this video on youtube produced by Moors for the Future                                       

…or listen to this edition of Radio 4’s ‘Costing the Earth’ (from 2012)?


Feel free to turn up on the day. However, if you’d like to be kept informed of cancellations/ changes – and in case of missing us if you travel independently to Holme Moss – please email us your mobile phone number by Saturday 24th May.

Don’t forget to bring a sandwich and waterproofs/warm clothes in case it’s wet!

If you can’t join us why not add your own individual or group photo to the website? You can do this here

Find out more about different things that people love are affected – from coffee to rugby and from herons to African farmers on

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Let’s do something about climate change

For the love of the food on our plates. For the love of our global neighbours. For the Love of Somerset, the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef.

For the love of country walks and Britain’s beautiful seasons.

For the love of all the things we care about, we’re taking climate change seriously. And we’re not alone.

This spring, The Climate Coalition is coming together to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most.

We all love something that is threatened by climate change.



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