Carol protest at Barton Moss fracking site

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Barton Moss Community Protection Camp have been protesting against I-GAS’s drilling in Salford since late November.

Have a look at the their facebook page  or on the Frack Off website  to read about all the events of the past few weeks- including people locking onto the gates, blocking the lane with an enormous orange bus and delivering a Christmas present of a seventeen metre wind turbine blade.

This was also covered by the Guardian

In our small way, we wanted to make a contribution to the spirit of Christmas at Barton Moss. We created a number of Christmas carols with specially adapted words, took them to Barton Moss and sang them in front of the police and the convoy of trucks as they exited from the drilling site.

You can see a clip of us singing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ here

If you’re from another group campaigning against fracking, please feel free to make use of the Barton Moss Carols.




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