Kirklees in solidarity with the activists on Salford’s fracking front-line

Barton Moss solidarity March Dec 2013 1

We attended the Solidarity March at Barton Moss on 8th December. We joined a variety of groups from across the north of England to oppose I-Gas’s drilling project and to show solidarity with the protest camp. Environmental campaigners, trade unionists and local politicians came together for a day of protest and networking.

Barton Moss solidarity March Dec 2013 2

After series of engaging speakers – several of whom referred to the Campaign Against Climate Change’s ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ campaign-, we walked to the site of drilling. While the samba band played and activists rattled the gates of the site, I-Gas’s security guards brought a digger up to reinforce the defences!

It was a positive day that helped to build the movement against drilling in the North West.

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