Where will you be 7 days from now? Anti-fracking Solidarity March in Salford

Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change campaign news banner

One week today on Sunday 8th December we’ll be joining the ‘Solidarity March’ at Barton Moss, Salford –  the latest site of fracking in the UK.

The march has been organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group http://www.campaigncc.org/unions.shtml and announced by Manchester Campaign Against Climate Change.

For more information about Barton Moss please http://frack-off.org.uk/barton-moss-latest-news/

You can read some of the media coverage of events on http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/nov/27/four-antifracking-protest-arrested-blocking-lorry-salford-site

Please let us know if you’d like to go next week and – if you’re interested – we can travel together by train.

Manchester Campaign Against Climate Change email

Sunday 8th December, 12.30

Meet at the junction of Liverpool Rd and Barton Moss Rd

This is just past Barton Aerodrome on way from J11 of M60 towards Irlam, Barton Moss Rd is on right signposted for heliport.

If you are in a trade union, a students union, a pensioners group or pretty much any group, please bring a banner if possible, but definitely bring colleagues, friends, relatives to show the local campaigners and the dedicated campers that they have a lot of support in trying to keep fracking out of Greater Manchester and out of the UK.

Thank you, hope to see a lot of you next Sunday.

Manchester Campaign Against Climate Change (Judy Paskell  judy.paskellgmail.com)