Stand in solidarity for the Philippines: Vigil on 21st November

Typhoon photo

This Thursday 21st November we will stand in solidarity with the Philippines in St George’s   Square, Huddersfield.

There will be vigils worldwide on this day organised by

Our vigil will take place from 5.00pm -6.30pm.

Further information can be found at

Sign up on

Philippines meme 350org

If you have not already done so, please sign these petitions about Haiyan, climate change and the Warsaw climate talks:


This petition has been created by Yeb Sano, the chief climate negotiator of the Philippines.

b) Sign the petition to fossil fuel companies to take responsibility for Typhoon Haiyan

c) Call on Ed Davey to call for the strongest financial mechanism to support the developing world in responding to climate change.

d) petition: “Governments are meeting in Warsaw the next two weeks for the annual UN climate negotiations. This ritual has dragged on for years without conclusion, largely because the great powers have done so little. On days like these, their inaction amounts to mockery. So we’ve setup a page where you can add your name to a petition that our staff will hand-deliver to negotiators at the UN climate summit. In short, we need to let world leaders know that their inaction is wrecking the world, and the time is long past for mere talk — we need action, and we need it now.”

“The full account of the destruction won’t be known for a while yet, but the message of Typhoon Haiyan already couldn’t be clearer. It doesn’t feel quite right to look for good in moments like these, but there is at least a glimmer of hope that such a tragedy will cut through the fog of politics and reveal the urgency of this crisis.
I fear it will only happen if we push however, and so push we will.
Many thanks,
Bill McKibben”

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