Challenge Barry Sheerman MP to drop his support for fracking


You may be aware that Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman has expressed support for fracking.

In May 2012 the Huddersfield Examiner reported on a speech of Barry Sheerman in parliament.

The Huddersfield Examiner reported:
“Many of us believe that fracking has real potential for energy security, and although we should proceed with it carefully, it could be of huge benefit to this country,” said the Labour MP.
“Please, do ignore some of the siren voices in the environmental lobby and get on with doing it in a cautious but determined way.”

Last month a member of the KCCC team wrote to Barrry Sheerman to ask him whether he continued his support for fracking in light of the recent protests and concerns expressed about its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, water use and water pollution. by Lord Stern among others.

This was Barry Sheerman’s reply (dated 11/10/13):
“Thank you for writing to me about fracking. It remains my belief that shale gas has the potential to be a huge boost to the North’s economy, as well as an opportunity to finally wean us off our anachronistic over-use of much dirtier coal.
I think that shale gas should be regarded as one potential sources of energy, alongside renewable such as wind and solar.
Exploiting shale gas, however, must not come at the expense of ruining the beauty of the Dales and the Moors, and the industry must of course, be regulated properly to ensure that the gas is extracted using the cleanest and least dangerous methods.”

Please contact Barry Sheerman if, like us, you think that he is misunderstanding the effect that fracking will have on the economy, carbon emissions, the green economy and the environment in general.




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