Day of action says no to fracking and piles pressure on HSBC

Carbon Capital 19 Oct 2013 1

We had a really successful Reclaim Power stall and stunt on 19th October.

To mark ‘Global Frackdown’ day ( we spent an hour collecting signatures for the anti-fracking petition to David Cameron ( and asking people to complete Friends of the Earth’s new postcard telling local councillors that we don’t want fracking in our local area. As the postcard says :
“Fracking is a dirty word- it’s overhyped, unnecessary, and a dangerous distraction from the real solutions to our energy needs.”

Following that, we spent an hour asking the public to sign the World Development Movement’s new ‘Piling on the Pressure’ postcard to protest against HSBC’s bankrolling of fossil fuel projects around the world.

This is also timely. October 20-27 is the ‘No to Coal’ week within ‘Reclaim Power Month’.

WDM will be delivering these to the CEO of HSBC with a pile of coal, one for each postcard, shortly before Christmas. We collected two postcards per person so we could do this and deliver a pile to the manager of the local HSBC.

We were delighted to be joined by Bradford World Development Movement for the event and hope that we can continue to collaborate with other local World Development Movement groups in the future.

Thank you, of course, to all the people who sent us their names and addresses so that we could send two postcards for them.

We completed a ‘Climate crime scene’ stunt outside HSBC on Cloth Hall Street, having spoken to the manager about the stunt and having delivered copies of the ‘Piling on the Pressure’ postcards.

Carbon Capital 19 Oct 2013 2

The manager of HSBC was receptive to what we were saying about HSBC’s financing of fossil fuel projects and requested further information on this matter.

A reporter from Huddersfield Examiner attended and interviewed a member of the team about the event and the issues surrounding the divestment campaign.

You can read more about HSBC’s bankrolling of climate change in the World Development Movement’s ‘Web of Power’ briefing…/Carbon%20Capital%20Media%20Briefing5.pdf




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