“Run your own Arctic Vigil” pack now available to download

The Ice is Melting Banner - The Arctic Vigil, Huddersfield

In Huddersfield we will be holding a vigil on September 27th 2013 to mark the melting of summer Arctic sea ice.

We first held a vigil last September and decided to repeat this in 2013.

This year, like last year, we have produced a short pack (Run your own Arctic Vigil pack 2013 ) to share with anyone else who would like to do the same thing. This pack includes a four-page hand-out that we’ll give to people who attend and a ‘script’ for the event’s facilitators.

The ‘script’ explains why holding a vigil this year is as important as it was last year.

Clearly, there’s no blue-print for running a vigil. People will have their own ideas about what to include. Likewise, there are local things mentioned at places in this one which wouldn’t be relevant for everyone, but we hope that it may give others a starting point for their own ideas.

The vigil includes some readings, a song, three silences and a couple of group/teach-in discussion activities. We will also use tea-lights.

The vigil will take place from 6.30-7.30 pm (with people gathering from 6.15pm). At this time, at this point in the year, the vigil starts in daylight and ends in darkness.

We have a rough structure for our vigil which is:
6.30-6.50 Opening comments/ The scale of Arctic melting / Silence #1
6.50-7.10 Save the Arctic campaign/ Group activity on ‘Ten reasons’/ Singing ‘Allelujah’/ Silence#2
7.10-7.30 Dirty Energy Month/ Group activity on the month / Reading about IPCC report/ Silence #3

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this vigil.

All the best,

Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change




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