Arctic Vigil date announced: join us on 27th September to bear witness

The Arctic Vigil - Huddersfield
On Friday 27th September – just after Arctic sea ice has reached its summer minimum- we will again be holding a vigil to bear witness to the catastrophic melting of summer sea ice.
Arrive from 6.15pm. Vigil begins at 6.30pm. Vigil ends at 7.30 p.m.
This month satellite data collected from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Boulder, Colorado showed ice loss accelerating and approaching the same extent as during last year’s record melt.

About forty people attended the Arctic Vigil in Huddersfield in September 2012.

The vigil will include readings, silences, learning activities and tea lights. We’re linking this to our ‘Tipping Points’ campaign that we will run during 2013-14 alongside our Fossil Free/ Carbon Capital campaign and we hope that other groups and individuals will link it with their work on climate change.

All welcome. Come and join us and help to spread the word.

Recently, scientists have argued that future methane emissions, triggered by sea ice loss constituted an economic time bomb.

“A new paper in the journal Nature argues that the release of a 50 Gigatonne (Gt) methane pulse from thawing Arctic permafrost could destabilise the climate system and trigger costs as high as the value of the entire world’s GDP. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf’s (ESAS) reservoir of methane gas hydrates could be released slowly over 50 years or “catastrophically fast” in a matter of decades – if not even one decade – the researchers said.”