Carbon Capital workshop sets scene for new campaign

Carbon Capital workshop 2

We had a lively discussion and learned a lot at the Carbon Capital workshop on Thursday 4th July.

We all learned about the ‘web of power’ connecting politicians, finance and fossil fuel extraction, found out about some of the communities affected by coal, oil and gas projects around the world and discussed the next steps for the Carbon Capital campaign.

It was great to have a member of the recently revived Calderdale WDM group with us. We hope we can work together more in the future!

Carbon Capital workshop

If you weren’t able to make the workshop you can found out more about WDM’s ‘Carbon Capital’ campaign on

Please get in touch with us if you’d like some of the materials from the workshop – including the Carbon Capital handbook – and we’ll try to arrange a way to get them to you.

We’ll be doing more on the Carbon Capital /Fossil Free campaign in the autumn. Have a read about this campaign on




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