Thank you to all our Energy Bill campaigners!

Thank you J McCartney

The vote on amendments to the Energy Bill took place yesterday.

The good news is that Jason McCartney voted to support the clean energy amendment and that campaigners feel that momentum has been created that creates opportunity for changes to be made in the House of Lords.

The bad news is that the ‘clean energy’ rebels lost by 23 votes.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in Energy Bill campaigning over the past seven or eight months. We’ve had stalls, public meetings, lobbies, stunts, vigils, teach-ins and letter writing!

On top of that many constituents have taken their own action independent of us. Well done to all!

We think it’s very important to thank Jason McCartney for the way he voted.

We have produced a thank you card – including a montage of photos from the campaign and the names of the roughly two hundred people who signed one of our campaigning postcards- that we’ll deliver to Jason McCartney.

Thank you card front

Additionally, we’ve produced a statement for the Huddersfield Examiner that you can read here as a separate post.

It would be good if as many of you as possible could email Jason McCartney to thank him. His decision may attract criticism from some inside his party and some inside his constituency. In spite of this he did the right thing for the climate, for jobs and for energy security. You can thank him by emailing


Message from Fiona Dear, Co-ordinator of Stop Climate Chaos to Colne Valley/ Kirklees-based campaigners.

I imagine you’ve seen that the vote for a decarb target lost by only 23 votes – Jason McCartney was one of the few Tories that did rebel, and that’s undoubtedly down to your campaigning.

So I just wanted to say a massive well done. The fight’s not over and there’s a good chance that a target will be reintroduced in the lords because of the momentum around this – and the closeness of the vote.

Please pass this on to anyone else that was involved.