Vigil 10 May 7

Campaigners in the ColneValley are paying tribute to Jason McCartney who voted to support the ‘clean energy’ amendment to the Energy Bill yesterday. The amendment was defeated by only 23 votes, one of the narrowest votes on any issue in this parliament.

The amendment to the Energy Bill would have set the Government a legal target to remove carbon emissions from the UK’s power supply by 2030. Businesses argue the move would reassure companies looking to make long-term investments in the green economy that could bring new jobs to Yorkshire. Ending Britain’s heavy reliance on gas would also stop rising gas prices from driving up fuel bills.

Without this target the UK risks busting its targets to tackle climate change and losing business and jobs abroad.

Campaigners across the country have been delighted by the momentum that has built during the Energy Bill lobbying. They are confident that changes can be made in the House of Lords.

Tim Padmore paid tribute to Jason McCartney: “Jason McCartney has shown great leadership in voting for the clean energy amendment. He has shown that this is the right thing if we want to meet our climate targets, create jobs, reduce electricity prices and improve the UK’s energy security. He has also demonstrated that action on climate change is beyond party politics. People of all political parties must recognise that the clean energy agenda is in all our best interests.”


Greenpeace said yesterday afternoon:

The vote was this afternoon and was amazingly close. But we lost.

MPs have just rejected a clean power future – and I thought you’d want to be the first to know.

It’s been a tense few days as we waited for MPs to vote on a clean power target in the Energy Bill, and it’s not the outcome we all wanted.

But there is a silver lining.
Thousands of us told our MPs to back clean electricity, and as a result the rebellion against George Osborne’s dirty, costly dash for gas continued to grow steadily right up to the vote.

We lost by just 23 votes. That’s the third closest vote since the election. If just 12 more MPs had switched sides, we’d have won.

Osborne may have won this round, but the Energy Bill will now go to the House of Lords. There will be another vote, which gives us another chance to secure our clean energy future.

The battle for Britain’s energy future is far from over. Let’s use today’s news to make us stronger