‘R.I.P Clean British Energy 2030?’ – Energy Bill stunt

CBE RIP stunt 1

On Sunday 2nd June we held our final ‘Clean Energy 2030 RIP?’ stunt in brilliant sunshine in Holmfirth, just 48 hours before the crucial vote on the Energy Bill.

Passers-by were fascinated by the grieving figures in black-and-white who mourned at the grave of missed opportunity. Many took fliers with information and links to contact their MP about the Energy Bill vote.

Headstone 2 June stuntCBE RIP stunt 3

Shortly after this, we contacted Jason McCartney to ask him to clarify his position and to send him photographs from the stunt. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please read our Open letter to Jason McCartney that we released last week. https://kirkleescampaignagainstclimatechange.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/open-letter-to-jason-mccartney-mp-urges-him-to-back-clean-energy-amendment/


CBE RIP stunt 4CBE RIP stunt 6