Energy vigil coming one Friday evening soon!


The key vote on Tim Yeo’s amendment to the Energy Bill providing a target for decarbonising electricity by 2030 will happen soon, probably at any point in the next month. It will be designed to show MPs the strength of feeling about the need for a clean energy target and to connect with fellow citizens.

It will be all the more important as Jason McCartney has stated that he does not intend to make a decision on how to vote until very shortly before the vote takes place.

We plan – with others – to hold a vigil in St George’s   Square, Huddersfield on the final Friday before the vote. We will gather from 6.15pm and start explaining a few things at 6.30pm.

The vigil will last 2030 seconds (about 38 1/2 minutes) to link with the 2030 target. There will be readings, silences, opportunities for engaging with the public and photo stunts.

We cannot tell you the date of the vigil and it may be that we will only able to advertise the date a few days before it occurs. This email is just to tell you that it’s coming!

If anyone would be interested in helping with the vigil, we’d be grateful – particularly as a photographer or with engaging with the public – handing out fliers and listening to their questions. (We appreciate that it’s difficult for people to commit to this at this point as you don’t know which date it will be.)

We’ve done a bit of planning and have produced a pack for other groups in the country to use if they wish (Run your own Energy Bill vigil pack). This will give you an idea of what the vigil will involve.
Of course, if you have not already told your MP that you think the Energy Bill should include a carbon intensity target, please do so. The easiest way is through an e-action or

Please contact us if you have any further questions.