First steps in creating the ‘Walk the Walk’ footprint petition

Walk the walk footpainting 5

We’ve made a start to creating our footprint petition asking Jason McCartney to ‘walk the walk’ on climate change by supporting Tim Yeo’s amendments to the Energy Bill.

Each footprint on the message (measuring 8m in length) will have the name and postcode of a person who has already signed one of our ‘Walk the walk’ postcards.

The footprints were made using blue and green poster paint. The colours have been used to remind Jason McCartney that Conservatives need to take ownership of the green agenda by following the lead of Tim Yeo, Lord Deben and key business leaders.

We’ll present the petition to Jason McCartney when we meet him on Friday 12th April and will post information about his voting intentions after that meeting.

Walk the walk footpainting 2 Walk the walk footpainting 1