Workshop 28th February: ‘The Energy Emergency and the Developing World’


How will climate change affect the developing world?

How do existing international agreements on carbon emissions affect the developing world?

How can the world respond to the rise of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries?

Can ‘Trade Justice’ and ‘Climate Justice’ co-exist?

Can we reach an international climate deal that would be fair and acceptable to all?

To mark Fair Trade Fortnight Tim Padmore will be presenting this workshop in Huddersfield (to be repeated at Leeds Oxfam group in the following week).

Coffeevolution (Basement), Church Street Huddersfield. 6.15-7.45 pm Thursday 28th February.

Come along to drink some fair trade coffee, share your views and find out about Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change’s new spring and summer ‘Energy Emergency’ campaign.