Fossil fuel money in US politics – Huddersfield ‘Teach-in’

Oil money US politics
On Wednesday 7th November, the day after the US General Election the Campaign Against Climate Change will be organising demonstrations in London to highlight the role of fossil fuel money in US politics. For more information, go to:
In solidarity with this action  Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change will be holding a ‘Teach in’ on this subject on the same day  (Wednesday 7th November at 6.15-7.45pm) at Cafe Society, Byram St, Huddersfield.
So, if you’d like to find out what leading republican politicians, including Mitt Romney, have been saying on climate change and the extent of their funding by fossil fuel business, please come along!
As a special opportunity, London-based singer song writer, Tony Black who has written and performed songs on environmental themes will be present and performing a couple of numbers!