Arctic sea ice: Send urgent message to David Cameron

Letter to David Cameron
The Downing Street webform (choose “Contact the Prime minister’s Office”) at allows you to send a brief message to the Prime Minister.
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“Dear David Cameron
The record minimum for Arctic sea ice extent has just been broken – and we expect the ice to continue melting for a couple of weeks. The frightening prospect of a completely ice-free Arctic is not far off. Already, the rapid warming of the arctic seems to be affecting the behaviour of the jet stream, causing extreme weather events and feeding into a global food crisis. The release of frozen methane also threatens dangerous accelerated warming.
The world is poised on the brink of unimaginable destruction. Now is not the time to back off from commitments already made. Instead, we must take emergency action before it is too late. For example, the Campaign against Climate Change has pushed for some years for the Climate Emergency measures outlined in EDM 303, including 10% annual emission cuts, and a ‘zero carbon’ target for 2030. Ignoring Nature’s warning signs will not be forgiven by those who come after us.
Yours sincerely”