The Ice is Melting - Arctic Vigil, Huddersfield

Arctic Vigil, Huddersfield, September 2012

A number of campaigners in the Huddersfield and Kirklees area put their personal activism under the ‘umbrella’ of ‘Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change’.

Our activities include running stalls, stunts and vigils, organising lobbies of MPs, running workshops and facilitating connections between other local groups with interests in the environment and society.

We don’t identify ourselves solely with any single national organisation, but have actively supported the campaigns and initiatives of 350.org, Campaign Against Climate Change, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, People and Planet, Stop Climate Chaos and the World Development Movement.

Through our work we:

  1. Improve understanding of the latest climate science and raise awareness of the catastrophic impacts of climate change on the planet and people.
  2. Oppose the expansion of fossil fuel use including ‘extreme energy’ as well as policies and projects that lock us into a high-carbon future.
  3. Call for the rapid development of the Green Economy (including renewable energy, energy efficiency measures and public transport) to meet the challenge of the climate crisis and to initiate sustainable economic renewal.
  4. Raise awareness of the climate impacts of land use change including those driven by false solutions to the climate crisis (such as the use of biofuels or the conversion of coal power stations into biomass power stations).
  5. Call for urgent, fair and legally-binding international and national co-ordinated action to achieve the required emissions cuts and provide climate finance for the world’s poor.

Please note, we are a small, unfunded voluntary group of individuals and not in anyway connected to, or funded by, Kirklees Council.

Donations of time (or money!) always welcome.